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>> at the top of the show i asked if broccoli costs five bucks a ahead or go for a stake. he said he would good for stake. the month loves his stake.
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here we are on the road during the campaign season. those are actual plates. i leave you with that. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> shepard: we had chips and peanut butter sandwiches. >> you were in the wrong place. that's six ounces. i had a little. >> shepard: extra hungry there. >> eating for two. e. >> shepard: in the news begins anew. he woman who admits she killed her boyfriend and doesn't remember stabbing him and slashing his throat. today she said he inspired her. the bizarre testimony continues. dennis rodman, bff. they're loving each other. said so. now he has been on
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stephanopoulos, and now he is giving foreign policy advice to the president of the united states. the 9-1-1 call that reveals a nurse at a retirement home refused to give cpr to a dying woman. there's more to this story and maybe important information for you regarding your elderly parents or grandparents. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> first in new york, the wok accused of stabbing and slashing her boyfriend, shooting her in the head and slitting this throat, talked about how much she used to love him. the same man she admits she killed. she is of course jodi arias. the woman says she shot him in self-defense, and she recently said on the stand she could not remember stabbing him or taking a knife to his throat. today the defense has a chance
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to question her. this is her 14th day on the stand arias explained how she could find herself attracted to the eventual victim, travis alexander, motivational speaker. >> it's kind of like i was swept off my feet. he came at me strong but in a positive way, and it was -- it wasn't what i had experienced before. nothing like what i experienced before. >> shepard: jodi arias also said her boyfriend would put her on a pedestal but there were other times he literally kicked her on the ground. today's questions came in sharp -- she protect down in tears when the prosecutors questioned her nearly every single detail of the story. it was brutal, and she seemed to be of the understanding her story had fallen apart. dominick is live. what they're trying to do now, the defense, they're getting
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ready to put all the pieces back together. reporter: they certainly are. much less confrontational. her defense attorney started to build what looks like an to her, travis alecer in, she liked him to much to kill him, while portraying him as a cruel man. >> in terms of your relationship with mr. alexander there were times when you were up on a pedestal. is that right? >> yes. >> and other times you were on the ground being kicked. >> yes. reporter: she add she still loved him unconditionally. but then she said because he was cruel she didn't want to continue withsomeone like that or have children. >> shepard: at one point they had her walking around the displume what was that about?
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reporter: more courtroom choreography. posing for a photo showing her finger reportedly injured. i'm not sure what it achieved. the defense certainly has a lot of damage him addition to do here because the prosecution tore her up last week. this is day 26 only the trial and looks like arias will be staying on the stopped for now. >> dominic, thank you. well, let's take this to the judge. after what happen last week, he just kept winning point after point after point. final hill she starts crying, admitting she did all these things. but today is different. >> today is different. as to last week sometimes that hyper aggressive grilling, shouting at her, cut her off can backfire. i don't think i did here because the evidence of her guilt of
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something is overwhelming. the only question seems to be did she plan and premeditate this. so was it first degree murder, which would be execution in arizona, or second degree, which is a long jail term, about with her age she'll have a life at the end. today is the effort of the defense counsel to rehabilitate her. did he successfully do so? we might not know. what will likely occur between now and your 7:00 show tonight is a version very unique procedure in arizona, shep, whereby the jurors submit written questions for the judge. the judge reviews the questions we the lawyers without the jurors present, and then the judge reads approved questions to miss arias and he has to answer them. >> shepard: i've never seen this. normally there's direct examination, and cross-examination, then redirect, which mean the defense comes back on, which began today, and you're telling me
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about this phase where the jury submit questions. >> the courts have resisted this for years because you don't know where it's going to go. you don't know how the juror who asked the question is going to react to the answer. you don't know if the question sort of tips the hands of the jurors as to how -- what their thinking is and whether counsel should change what they're going to do for the rest of the case in response to what they think the jury is thinking now. sometimes i myself have seen juror questions, sometimes they are terrific and simply ask something that you as the judge and the lawyers in the case didn't think of. other times they're completely off the wall. they reveal too much. it's a compound question that asks many questions and you have to narrow it down. very, very interesting. could be explosive. could send the case decidedly in one direction or the other. we have to wait and see. help shep one things lawyers try to avoid is opening up new areas of discussion. you don't want to ask a question that allows the prosecution to come back and say, well, you said this, and now we can
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explore this area. can a jury question do that or not? >> that's why the judge reviews the questions ahead of time. to make sure the questions are not about new areas that would unnaturally and unusually extend the length of the case. >> shepard: so, we'll get to the questions presently. >> i think we'll get to the questions went the next hour, and you'll probably have a field day with them on your next show. >> shepard: i look forward to hearing what the jurors might be curious about and all they've heard. >> what have they nod heard? >> more than we can report here. millions of americans feeling effects of the sequestration. the cuts that everyone in washington said were not supposed to happen. according to home lean security sect janet napolitano said the cut -- >> we have institutionalized a hiring freeze, we can't backfill
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for vacancies and we'll begin today sending out furlough mysteries. we are already seeing the effects at some of the ports of entry, the big airports, for example, some of them had vary long lines this weekend. >> shepard: while officials say the cuts are likely here to stay, some lawmakers are pulling back from the prediction of economic doom. there's no, no truth to the rumor that plane problem in megyn's hour was caused be -- the president is also toning down his predictions, which seemed to begin last week. reporter: you're right. he now says we'll get through this, now it then the sequester will be around for a while. the deal this was patterned after, triggered a sequester from 1986 into 1987. that sequester was supposed to force a compromise, and it took a while, and seems this one will, too. >> we'll do our best to make sure our agencies have the he support they need to try to make
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some very difficult decisions, understanding that there are going to be families and communities that are hurt, and that this will slow our growth, it will mean lower employment in the united states than otherwise would have been. but we can manage through it. >> i've been here for 22 years and i've watched presidents from both parties, watched leaders from both parties, kick the cap down the road, kick it down the road, and kicked down the road. we're out of road to kick the can down. >> speaker boehner says everyone in washington know what the problems but no one wants to address it. >> shepard: on a side item the president made his pick to fill some cabinet positions. reporter: each of them has a tough job and will head an agency that raced some controversy in the president's first material. we'll start with the president's pick to head the budget department. the department of management of budget, who is under orders to cut the deficit. we're entering the first week of the sequester.
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her name is julia matthews burwell, part of the clinton administration team that produced a budget surplus when republicans controlled the house, but she'll be stuck with the sequester cuts. m.i.t. professor earnest mon "i" was picked to direct the energy department. and nina mccarthy is the epas assistant administrator for air and radiation. she would take over the agency, which is under intense scrutiny by republicans are who concerned about tough new regulation regarding greenhouse gasses. those confirmation hearings will be firery. >> shepard: getting our first look at the sinkhole in florida that swallowed a man alive in his bedroom. the new video just in as the
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crews tear down the house where the victim's bed dropped into the earth. casey anthony is back out in public, so the video is -- well, quite imperfect. she is being covered nicely. we'll tell you why this infamous florida mom is out in public for the first time since she beat a murder rap in her daughter's death. all ahead on this monday edition of "studio b." [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. i you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days.
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>> shepard: a casey anthony sighting to report. he showed her face in court. first time since july 5th, 2011, when a jury acquit her of murdering her tower kaylee. it was a pit of a circus. >> get out of the way. >> did you get away with murder, casey? >> shepard: a reporter asked if she had not 'away from murder as she plowed the pack of reporters with her head in her lawyer's arms but she is wearing all
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black and has dark brown hair. she had been out of the spotlight since her acquittal. now she is in tampa in court for a bankruptcy hearing. she filed for protection under chapter 7, claim showing owed nearly 800,000 bucks to 80 credit temperatures. she has no income to speak of. steve is in the florida newsroom. she says she has no money, no job. what else? reporter: she was forced to testify at the bankruptcy hearing in tampa. she said she is basically surviving from the kindness of strangers who donate money, and she says all she has is a peril necklace, a lap-top computer and furniture. total can $11,000 in ace asset. saying she owes 192,000 tuesday. the problem is a book deal. she and her adviser say there are no plans for a book.
12:18 pm
>> shepard: i heard she were on the verge of a payday. >> if she were to get money to tell her story and the agreement came of the bankruptcy, that money she received would be free and clear, she would also be able to dismiss a number of the civil suits against her. including the one against the woman who shares the name with the mythical nap any that casey anthony created who she says kidnapper head two-year-old daughter. >> steve hair. >> the brother of the man who lost his life in a sink hole say the officials could have done more to save his sibling. here's our first look at the sink hole that swallowed a map and his bedroom somewhere around 11:00 last thursday night. his brother says he dove into the hole to try to save his brother but a sheriff's deputy pulled him out. >> my mom and dad are going
12:19 pm
through hell right now. my mom waking up every hour on he hour, crying in bed. she is going through hell. she -- no one ever wants to bury their kid before they go. my two-year-old daughter is asking, where is jeff? let's go get jeff. let's dig jeff out of the hole. mommy and daddy, let's go home. i have no home to to. >> officials called off the search for the brother on saturday. they said they had to knock down the house and they're doing everything they can for a safe response effort. the last thing they want is somebody else to get hurt. dennis rodman knows personally more about northerly korea's leader than the cree cree. that after the former nba stars new bizarre friendship. now tennis rodman is delivering a message to the president of the united states, straight from kim the younger, and later, the king of beers is not going out without a fight.
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>> shepard: dennis rodman on sunday morning with george stephanopoulos. did you see it? used the word awesome to describe the leader of one of the most repressive nations on the planet. dennis rodman hung out with kim the younger for a couple days. the former chicago bull told abc news and this week with george stephanopoulos that kim jong-un wants to talk with mr. obama. >> we want obama to do one
12:24 pm
thing, call him. >> he wants a call from president obama? >> that's right, he told me that. he said, if you can, dennis, i don't want to do war. i don't want to do war. he said that to me. >> shepard: they did not discussion the millions of north koreans who are starving or the nation's many prison camps. he wasn't announced as a guest for stephanopoulos, so i'm switching around. >> and what is he wearing? he talked more about how much he loved kim jong-un. how awesome kim the younger is, and also talked a little bit about kim the younger's own personality, and what rodman, with all his insight, believes drives the north korean leader. listen. >> he loves power. he loves control. because of his dad. but he just -- he is a great
12:25 pm
guy. you sit down and talk to him, you know. the subject is -- >> a great guy who puts 200,000 people in prison camp? >> well you know, guess what, there's a way we do the same thing here. >> we previous prison camps. >> this is all politics. >> stephanopoulos handed dennis rodman a cop of the latest human rights watch on north korea and suggested read that. i don't know what they serve in the abc green room but poppy seed muffins seem to be available. >> jay carney, the who is spokesman was asked. they're clearly not talking that call for a call very seriously, and jay carney made the point that kim the young sheer be focusing on rather more pressing matters right now, with some -- >> instead of spending money on celebrity sporting events to entertain the elites the regime should focus on the well-being of its own people, who have been
12:26 pm
starved, imprisoned and denied their human rights. we have urgedded the north korean leadership to choose the path of peace and come into compliance with its international obligations. >> apparently there may be one more mouth to feed in north korea. kim jong-un's wife, who was pregnant, sporting a baby bump a couple months ago, now according to south korean media does not have said baby and they believe a child may have been born. a lot of north korean watchers say if it had been a boy we would have heard more so they're predicting -- they're saying this was actually a girl. >> shepard: or something went wrong. i heard that, too. johnny, the. former assistant sect pj crowell lee is with us. currently the professor in d.c. pj, good afternoon. >> hi, shepard. >> shepard: this is a little
12:27 pm
weird. >> you couldn't make this up. you have one of the youngest and most reclusive leaders on earth, talking to one of the freest spirits in the history of the nba. so, you have the indies seniorable talking to dish indies seniorable talking to the inexplicable. >> shepard: we learned kim the younger speaks a little english? >> the knows more basketball and doesn't want to good to war. obviously it's a war they would lose should they if attempt one. and now that he has diplomatic relations with rodmanisstan, not going to get him very fan. when he comes out, you do see some things, and obviously when the vice media show -- it's aired, i have a strong suspicion our intelligence experts will be watch that very attentively.
12:28 pm
>> shepard: kim the younger invites dennis rodman over -- actually they went on their own, hoped to have kim the you canner in the audience and there he was. yonder if this sort of back-door seemingly worthless contact might eventually pay some dividends if we can get more people in there and learn something. >> we do have -- we don't have diplomatic relations formally but we have the ability to communicate with north korea, and then there's the track two, where policy experts, bill richardson, among others, have made periodic trips to north korea, and have the opportunity to have dialogue through. those maybe you put rodman on a track four or track five. obviously if kim jong-un is relying on dennis rodman for legitimizing of his regime, he is in more trouble than we think he is. >> shepard: whoa wouldn't the president call?
12:29 pm
help me understand. >> it's not going to happen. that's the kind of attention that north korea wants. all their leaders have wanted that. and yet we have to remember they just exploded nuclear device, just exploded -- tested a missile. their behavior is irresponsible. this morning, kim jong-un has a better chance of being pope than getting a call from the president of the united states. >> shepard: got to get all the cardinals first, and apparently that's very difficult. p.j., good to see you. >> all right. >> shepard: president obama is not bluffing when he says the u.s. could use military force to keep iran from getting a nuclear weapon. that's the word from the vice-president in this war talk next. plus, a 9-1-1 operator urged a nurse, please give cpr to the woman in front of you who is now dying. the nurse said no. and now the nurse's bosses are defending her. there is more to this story and there's a lesson for all of white house are either older or
12:30 pm
have older relatives as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from "studio b." >> o refusing cpr. they're going to let her die. it's a human being. there is anybody there willing to help this lady and not let her die? hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> shepard: celebrations today the north of syria. protesters reportedly bashing down a statue of the president's late father and predecessor. a scene similar to what we saw
12:34 pm
in iraq. of course we can't verify the individual joe. rebels apparently pushed government forces from most of the city, and if they gain complete control it will be the first time the rebels will have reportedly controlled an entire city since the fighting began. secretary of state john kerry issued a warning the syrian president assad during his first official overseas trip. secretary kerry says the united states and its allies will boost the support for the revels until president assad steps down from power. we're live in abu dhabi. reporter: good evening. secretary kerry says the syrian rebels are increasing the pressure on bashar assad because the u.s. and its allies now have the means to make sure the right supplies get to what kerry calls the moderate forces in syria. a go portion of the secretary's time here in the persian gulf is focused on iran, which some
12:35 pm
regard as a regional threat. saudi arains where prime minister said the long-running nuclear negotiations with iran should not be used to trick the we were nations that are demanding tehran halt illegal enrichment of uranium, and secretary kerry agreed. >> talks will not go on for the sake of talks, and talks cannot become an instrument for delay that, in the end, make the situation more dangerous. so, there is a finite amount of time. reporter: while he was in riyadh, secretary 'er had lunch with mahmoud ahmadinejad. he said hes' president obama who will visit the middle east this month, want to jump start talks bat two-state nation. near abu dhabi, one of the goals of kerry is to show sort for the government which is undergoing a challenge.
12:36 pm
>> shepard: officials at an extended living center are defending a nurse who ignored a 9-1-1 operator's desperate flees give a woman cpr. >> need to get cpr started. >> we can't do cpr. >> then handthe phone to a passerby. anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone, please. i understand if your facility is not willing to do that. give the phone to that passer by, that stranger, this woman is not breathing enough. she is going to die if we don't get this started. >> she is yelling at me and saying we have to have one of our other residents are perform cpr, and i'm not going to do that. [radio] going to lit this lady die? >> what wire calling 9-1-1. >> we can't wait. >> you can talk to my boss. >> okay. they're going to let her die. a it's human being. is there anybody there that is willing to help this lady and not let her die?
12:37 pm
>> shepard: there was no one, and the woman did die at the age of 87. but the executive director of the facility said the nurse was following policy. he issued a statement: >> so, criminal defense attorney heather hansen joins us now. at independent facility where the woman who is a nurse is being told by her boss, don't do it. >> it's really a question of policy over people, and i think that's what people -- what's really resonating with people when they see this 9-1-1 call, putting policy over a human life. the problem is that the policies are instituted for reasons. i it protects people who stay at the facility and protects the employees from litigation. unfortunately that's part of the process. >> shepard: there are three facility within a facility. >> that's right they aairsent.
12:38 pm
>> so one is independent living, which is this one. an assisted living center. >> and skilled nurses facility at the assisted living and skilled nursing facility this would not happen. the would we medical care available. at this independent facility, the parents or their family members actually read a contract and sign off saying they recognize that the personnel there is not going to provide cpr. it's almost as if they assumed the risk. >> part of the reason for that is, this facility houses a lot of people who are not young. >> that's exactly right. >> a lot of people, when they go to these facilities, they eventually die there, and had this woman performed cpr, and, the for instance you give, she had brain damage -- >> would have been huge liability. many patients are going to have dnrs and do not re sunday tate. on the tape you see some hess addition there i'm not sure they
12:39 pm
no whether or not she had a dnr in place. had they resuscitated her and there was a dnr in place, we could be talking about something very different. that nurse was really between a rock and a hard place. >> shepard: as could caregiver, where your primary oath is to that patient, man, that must be hard. >> it's got to be hard and really got to be hard what she is going through now with all the vilification the press. her response to the 9-1-1 case seems very blase, and i think that what's bothers people so much. when you listen to the whole seven minutes it's more responsive and has to be terribly hard for anybody in the medical profession to watch this. >> shepard: can anything happen to that nurse or facility for not giving cpr to a woman who is dying. >> they're not looking into criminal charges, and the daughter is a nurse and already said she is completely comfortable with the care her mother received at the facility. >> shepard: thank you.
12:40 pm
>> thank you. >> shepard: weather alert. might as well be ground hog day. a major winter storm hitting the up are midwest could soon cause headaches for millions of folks on the east coast. winter warnings in effect from north dakota to illinois. forecasters say the same system could dump 20 inches of snow in parts of northern virginia and maryland this week. giving the washington, dc area its biggest snowfall of the season. our. >> they're calling this in d.c., if it brings the six to 12 insure swath? snow-quester. i think that's cute. satellite radar imagery, the storm right now across the northern plains and the upper midwest. minneapolis, chicago, six to 12 inches possible win the next 12 to 24 hours. the storm has not gotten its act
12:41 pm
together. we're seeing snow over denver. this is going to continue to bring snow amounts, anywhere from six to ten to 12-inchesinco some cities across the area so that's going to cause delays in the air. and this is happening during the work week and is going to cause problems. future radar, tuesday evening, chicago still getting the snowfall it's out of minneapolis and green bay, ft. wayne, then we'll watch the snow mix line where we could be the potential for freezing rain and sleet, and we have to watch this area. computer models are saying six to ten inches. the bull's eye is west virginia and virginia, and then philadelphia, a rain event, and mainly a rain event for new york city but we have to monitor this because if the storm stalls out along the coast, that could mean some snow totals for new york and boston because it's going to pull that cold air southward, so right now here's a reliable
12:42 pm
computer model. six to 12 inches. minneapolis, chicago, northern ohio river valley. there's d.c. we're thinking right now six to ten inches probable, and the bull's eye, 12-18 inches for the mountainous regions and then we have to watch wednesday, thursday, friday, along the northeast coast. so winter is not over yet. >> shepard: a couple more weeks. >> 16 days according to the calendar. >> shepard: the health square for the queen came and went quick limit an update coming. the cardinals -- the college of cardinals meeting behind closed doors at the vatican, the first step towards the process of picking a new pope. we're learning about a possible timeline a little bit and how difficult it is for cardinals to get where they need to be. that's coming up with the spark cash card
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: the health scare sent britain's queen elizabeth to the hospital put today the doctors sent her home. you can see the queen shaking hands witch medical staff. it's the same facility where doctors treated prince william's wife, indicate -- kate middle middleton. she is 86 and has largely scored clear of health problems. her last reported trip to hospital was for a knee operation ten years ago. queen elizabeth celebrated her diamond jubilee last year, marking 0 -- 60 years on the british throne. >> the men who will choose the next pope gathered. among them, couple of americans considered long-shot contenders to be the leader of the catholics. they are boston's cardinal, and in new york, cardinal dolan who
12:47 pm
says don't believe the hype. he said the rumors he might become the next pope came only from people smoking marijuana. that's a quote. benedict xvi stepped down last week himself new title, pope emeritus. reporter: card -- cardinal dolan said that funny stuff. but all jokes aside this is the first time people are talking seriously about the possibility of an american pope. the conventional wisdom is you can't have a pope for a superpower but we know it would be unwise to prejudge the outcome of the conclave. today the cardinals sent greetings and gratitude to the retired pope, poem emeritus. but they gathered here in rome, not all of them here. one of the big issues they were wanting some clarification on were the problems of governance
12:48 pm
in the governing body of the vatican body. that issue keeps coming up. u.s. cardinals were asked in the wake of the british cardinals' sexual misconduct, how they machine to deal with issues of sex in the court going forward. >> the wound is deep in their hearts and mines -- minds and that lasts for a long time. reporter: shep, so far, there are eight cardinals who still have to arrive. we get the sense they're taking their time. they don't want to rush this decision to get going with the conclave. and for about half of the cardinals this will be their first conclave so they have a lot of learning to do. >> shepard: amy kellogg in rome for us, thank you. beer, now. the makers of budweiser fired back at the critics who accused
12:49 pm
them of watering down their brew. and look at this. a full page ad that anheuser-busch took out in ten major sunday newspapers. it shows a can of budweiser drinking water. and the line there, they must have tested one of these. that's actually a real can of budweiser water. the ad goss on to state the beermaker donated some 71 million cans of that water the red cross and other disaster relief groups. of course there's controversy started with the new class action lawsuit filed in self states accusing the bottler of misleading customers by selling weaker than advertised beer. the company denied it and all tests found the alcohol content is exactly as advertised. with is you is frasier, the president of the communications firm, emerald partners, and author of the book, how
12:50 pm
marketing and advertising in the new media world. >> you know, they almost made chicken salad out of the business. >> bully for budweiser. good for them. most companies never say anything when they're confronted shyster lawyers. budweiser realizes humor works, except maybe in the case of seth mcfarland, but in a company humor is golden. first they were funny. second they defended their browing standards in the ad and thirdly, they referred to their philanthropy. they gave 71 million cans of budweiser water to the red cross. a triple bang for the buck. terrific. shep. she it started off as -- well, came on the heels of a maker's mark. who was going to change their alcohol content, and just fit a recent narrative, and i'm guessing budweiser drinks were
12:51 pm
concerned they w. going to get drunk enough. >> budweiser saw this was just a manufactured suit. taco bell, a year ago, they were accused of not putting enough beef in their taco. so taco bell took out an ad that says, thank you for suing us. and four million dollars of advertising later the lawyers drop the case. the same could happen here. >> shepard: sometimes just spelling the name right is worth itself if you happen it right. >> it's humor, it's self-deprecating humor. the galaxy, samsung versus apple. sam suspension was self-deprecating. and apple ills the most serious corporation in the world, they're so serious they're dying and i'm a stockholder. >> shepard: maybe it's time to
12:52 pm
sell. thank you. a historic development for h.i.v. treatment. scientists believe they have cured the first ever baby of h.i.v. how they say they did and it what it could mean for the future of medicine. that's ahead.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> shepard: we may have just had a huge medical breakthrough. scientists say a baby born in mississippi with h.i.v., now appears to be cured. h.i.v., of course -- the virus that causes aids. doctors say they treated the disease aggressively just 30 hours after the mother gave birth. normally they say treatments start at six weeks old but not this time now. the child is two and a half years old, off drugs for one year, and has not a single sign
12:56 pm
of h.i.v. infection. if this toddler does indeed remain healthy, the toddler would be just the second reported cure in the entire world, and the first ever for an infant. trace is in our west coast news hub. how quickly might doctors adopt this way of treating? reporter: very fast. within a couple of years. right now babies with h.i.v. are given two drug as preventive treatment. this baby was given three drugs to actually attack the disease itself, and the working theory seems to be that babies' immune systems are different from adults. in adults h.i.v. is able to hide the a dormant state but in a baby, the drugs were able to kill the virus before it was able to hide. here's the doctor. >> triple therapy might be the way to go. whether it becomes 100% curative or 80% curative for the pediatric population that will be determined as more studies
12:57 pm
are done. looking at the specific protocols. but the findings really project some sort of aggressive way of treating h.i.v. early in the fame. reporter: so if this treatment works in other babies, would almost essentially be adopted overnight around the world where there are three minimum children living with h.i.v. >> shepard: much bigger problem outside the united states. but there are critics of this. reporter: sure. everybody agrees the mother was h.i.v. positive, but there's a lot that are not convinced the baby actually ever had the disease. researchers dispute that saying that right after the baby was born, two h.i.v. tests were done. the h.i.v. levels were low but they were positive. and then in the next month they were three accident tests were done and they the levels were there. and at first doctors thought it was a lab mistake but it wasn't.
12:58 pm
listen. >> my first thought was to panic. i thought, oh, my goodness. i have been treating a child that is not actually infected. we have perhaps inadvertently but in fact cured the child. >> you mention there was one other cure case, a middle age man from germany who got bone marry from genetically resistant donor. >> thank you. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
12:59 pm
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